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Ford Escort RS2000 Custom in concours condition (1979)

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Year: 1979
Fuel Type:
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We are really pleased to offer what can only be described as the finest RS2000 MK2 worldwide

WAE 960T is a Ford Escort RS2000 Custom that is affectionately known as ‘Werthers’

I’m sure you don’t need us to explain why!

Our RS2000 is a very well-known car in Ford circles, appearing at multiple concourse events and bringing trophy’s back home on everyone!

She is finished in unmarked Tuscan Beige with very rare chocolate 76 trim, this trim was only made for 7 months of 1978 and is more of a gingery tint than the common chocolate Brown.

The car is the only Tuscan Beige with chocolate 76 trim known of out of the 6,000 RS2000’s on file (10,000 were built for the UK between 1976 to 1980).

Werthers is presented in full concours condition and the attention to detail is phenomenal, the car is regarded as the best in the UK by a large number of people within the Ford scene and Ford car clubs.

Werthers was restored between 2006 to 2007 and many considered the restoration to be a shame due to it being in already amazing unrestored original condition with only 2 keepers,  who had both cherished the car as a second hobby vehicle and never used it for day to day use.

The new owner wanted to build the best concourse Escort RS2000 to have ever been seen and to do this he did not wish to start with a rotten, high mileage, multiple paint jobs wreck….so the restoration began.

The car was stripped and every component was either fully refurbished or replaced with brand new genuine ford items, the shell, was the first ever MK2 Escort in the RS scene to receive a £10,000 paint job on the body shell alone.


The complete build cost was £57,000 and the level of detail is absolutely incredible, there isn’t another RS2000 in existence built to this standard..

The car has won several concourse competitions and won the footman James indoor show at Manchester Event City (Car of the Show) in 2018…. 11 years after completion it is still beating the new builds.

We firmly believe that it would be impossible to build a car to this standard these days as the parts are just not available.

There is a huge history file with all old MOT and Tax Discs, letters from the supplying dealer, original spare key that is unused.

The car has not had the interior re-trimmed and is completely original, it’s just immaculate.

The tyres are the original Pirelli CN36’s that the car came off the production line with…..these are regarded as black gold!

Further information and photos are available on request